Del Cadia’s journey to Myerscough


What to do when dropped to your own devices in a foreign country?

“Be a sponge,” said Danilo Del Cadia, the father of Myerscough’s Italian standout Edoardo. “Absorb anything — good or bad.

“I had to go through all the changes that Edo has been through — the language, food, adjusting to another country’s game. I told him to choose the right people to be close to and make everyday profitable.”

Danilo, 48, told his son of his own great adventure in Philadelphia where he trained for a year at just age 16 before a 20-year professional career across Europe.

It would take a bit of coaxing, but the younger Del Cadia accepted the advice of his father because he just wants to play basketball. It’s a sporting bond the two share.

“I was nervous about leaving,” said Del Cadia. “I did not speak [much] English and everything was in Italy; my family and my friends. But he said it would help me be a better player to go elsewhere and experience new things.”

There were many unknowns yet Del Cadia made the leap of faith and joined Myerscough, which has produced three Elite Academy Basketball League Conference Players of the Year including in consecutive seasons.

Those are the same heights Myerscough head coach Neal Hopkins believes Del Cadia can achieve if provided the right tools and afforded the court time.

Already that budding potential hasn’t gone unnoticed on his three-week AAU tour in the United States this summer where he’s become a leader.

Teammates gravitate towards Del Cadia’s exciting personality and that made his transition to life at Myerscough — and any new culture — easier. Despite leaving family and friends behind in Italy, he’s gained both in England.

“It took just a month to adjust,” said Del Cadia, who averaged 4.7 points per game in EABL play. “Myerscough is one of the best academies in England and the staff give everything they have to their players.

“I decided to come to Myerscough because I had a have a dream to be a professional player and they make sure you focus on it.”

Even though Del Cadia pursues a similar path to his father, he’s making it his own with his own experiences and choices. However, he’s not forgotten who and what gave him the courage to do so.

“Edo thanked me with a special message that every dad would love to have from their son,” said Danilo. “I want him to be an example for everyone that approaches a great experience like the one Myerscough has offered for him.”

Clearly the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Let’s wait and see how far Del Cadia can throw it to reach his dream.

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