Edoardo Del Cadia: ‘I’m willing to work hard to reach great goals’

Myerscough alumni Edoardo Del Cadia has had a breakout sophomore year at the College of Central Florida. The 6-foot-8 forward and native...

Myerscough: Team of the Decade

PRESTON — Myerscough Basketball Academy had fun on Twitter to ring in the New Year by finding out who the public voted to the Myerscough: Team of the Decade.

Mikey Irvine: ‘The calibre of players at Myerscough forces you to improve’

Mikey Irvine was a relatively unknown name throughout junior British Basketball entering the 2019-20 season, but that's quickly changed.

Franklin Agu: ‘We’ve all come to Myerscough with a point to prove.’

Franklin Agu is one of the most promising young British prospects, where he is currently ranked fifth in the DENG Camp Top 20.

Sam Akano: ‘I want to prove that height isn’t everything.’

Myerscough guard Sam Akano offers a first-person account of his first-year at the Academy, including adjusting to living away from home and embracing the grind.

Earl Russell: ‘Basketball has opened so many doors’

Myerscough alumni Earl Russell discusses how Myerscough helped prepare him for a four-year collegiate basketball career in the United States.